About Sing Fado

Learn the History
Listen and meet the Performers
Sing a Fado yourself

This is an unmatched experience in Portugal.
A fun, touching and culturally rich challenge that you will not want to miss.

Praised by the Portuguese Tourism Institute and supported by Lisbon Fado Museum.

You will:

Learn |

  • The history of Fado and its context in the history of Portugal
  • The Portuguese guitars, melodies and styles of singing
    (here you might experience the Portuguese Guitar in your own arms)

Sing |

  • Learn the poem in Portuguese
  • Learn the traditional melody
  • Sing with the musicians

(don’t worry, you will be singing with the group and laughing out loud.
But if you really want to sing on your own, after your “Sing Fado” workshop you may actually perform, for fun, in plenty of fado houses in Lisbon. We’ll recommend you!)

Listen |

  • A showcase of fado
    The enchanting voice of Liana (www.lianafado.com)
    The exquisite sounds of the Fado Guitars

(In this part we warn you that you might be melting already. Take your tissues, but also your smile, and learn the meaning of Saudade…)

By the end you may even mingle with the performers and ask your own questions, take themed photos (with a shawl and guitars) and buy handmade exclusive souvenirs “Sing Fado”.

We also provide you with a video of the experience of group singing and a certificate of participation.

Sing Fado is the complete experience of fado.

17122014-Photo.José FradeDSC_9237_161220

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