About Liana

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Liana is the creative, tutoress and “fadista” of this workshop.

Liana’s Website

As a Fado singer since the age of 9, Liana has a complete background of how fado is sung, understood and lived by her peers. 

With a degree in Tourism and Events Management by the European University, Liana continues to develop her knowledge of fado in courses such as Anthropology of Fado at Nova University of Lisbon.

With vast experience of concerts worldwide (prizes in Portugal, Germany, UK and Denmark​) and  ​workshops in several European countries, she has been invited to lecture​ fado at the University of Cork in​ Ireland and at the Museum of Fado in Lisbon where Sing Fado is held.

Liana’s Biography

  • Born in Coimbra in the north of Portugal, soon moves to the capital Lisboa, and starts singing fado at the age of 9, in Coliseu dos Recreios. At 14, she wins the most important contest of fado music in the country “Grande Noite do Fado 94″ as a juvenile and at 16 as a senior, being the first person to ever win the contest twice.
  • Among other 11 first prizes, she wins in 2000 the Festival RTP da Canção, the contest promoted by the national television to choose the Eurovision participant.
  • Under the direction of Filipe La Féria, she stars as the young Amália Rodrigues (the internationally recognised diva of fado) in “Amália – The Musical”, playing the main role for five years in a play that became the most successful ever in Portugal, recording also a CD and a DVD of the show and winning the “Pateota” prize for best new actress

    “Liana could be on a Broadway stage” – O Público (Portugal)
  • Having two recorded albums in tape from her first career years as a child (94 and 96), her first professional album is released in 2004, under the title “Fado.pt”, an experimental work

    “Liana faz em Fado.pt o que os Gotan Project fizeram pelo tango” – Correio da Manhã        (Portugal)

  • In author´s edition releases the cd “Sombra” in 2005

“Liana conquered my heart… A neat, light and very beautiful voice in some of the finest moments of fado” Thomas Nylson – Lyra (Sweden)

Liana (8)

Credits Bruno Peres

  • Alongside with her solo career, joins the band Stockholm Lisboa Project, that mixes Portuguese and Swedish traditional songs and, with them, releases a new cd “Sol” in 2007

“Liana is an impressive and attractive singer” – Andrew Cronshaw – Froots – (UK)

  • Also in 2007 moves to London with a scholarship given by GDA, residing there for 3 years. There and in several other European cities, she also gives fado workshops for foreigners, while studying for a degree in Tourism Management.
  • In 2008, held together with the singer Reem Kelani, the concert “From Palestine to Portugal”, an approach to the Arabic roots of Portuguese music, where she sings in both the Portuguese and Arabic languages. This concert was commissioned by Musicport Festival and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
  • In 2009, releases her second album “Diagonal” with the band Stockholm Lisboa Project, achieving very good reviews in world music magazines and other press

“Diagonal” proudly receives the German Record Critics Award 2009 (same as Mariza) and gets nominated for Songlines World Music Awards 2010.

  • Liana has toured Australia, USA, Canada and Brazil, alongside with several European countries (Spain, France, Luxembourg, Swiss, Sweden, England, Germany, Holland, Finland, Romania, Austria)

”Heavenly voice of Liana” – MazzMusikaS (Belgium)

  • In 2010 returns to Portugal to do her Master in Social Policy, and joins the cast of the musical “Fado – História de um Povo (A People’s History)”
  • With Stockholm Lisboa Project gets selected to a showcase at Womex 2010 in Copenhagen– The world’s biggest international world music fair.

“…as she delivers her impassioned performance. Crashing through any language barriers, there can be little that you would hear that stirs your emotions quite like this”
Mike Wilson (UK)

  • Releases “Embalo” in 2013, a traditional fado CD, where it includes as a bonus track – Fado da Despedida (Lisboa foi meu fado) her most known success.

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