The Fado Experience

This is an unmatched experience in Portugal.
A fun, touching and culturally rich challenge that you will not want to miss.

Praised by the Portuguese Tourism Institute and supported by Lisbon Museum of Fado.

What will happen

In the auditorium of the Museum of Fado, where Sing Fado will be held, you will travel through the known history of the urban popular song of Portugal, now considered by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In this interactive and relaxed environment, the fadista Liana will explain the basics about Fado, and teach you how to sing a traditional Fado with the musicians help.

You will also listen to Liana singing Fado with live guitar players, in an emotive show that displays the magic and nostalgia of this beautiful music genre.

If you want, as a souvenir, you can also take pictures with the artists and the Guitarra Portuguesa and Xaile (with the guitars and shawl), traditional symbols of this popular music.

The visit to the Museum of Fado is also included in the experience.


Who should come

Everyone visiting Lisbon and willing to learn more about Fado and its roots.

Remember, you don’t need to have a big voice, Fado is all about the feeling and the soul.

Fall in love with the music, and impress your friends back home singing in Portuguese. 


What does it cost

For the general public the price is 22€ (includes the show, the workshop and the visit to the Museum of Fado). 

Auditorium Capacity = 90 people

Booking Required for groups over full capacity


How can I book

As for now, all bookings must be scheduled. If you want to book Sing Fado call us, or send us an email:

+351 96 906 57 56


About Liana

Liana is the creative, tutoress and “fadista” of this unique experience.

As a Fado singer since the age of 9, Liana has a complete background of how Fado is sung, understood and lived. She was the first Fado singer to win twice the Grande Noite do Fado, the most important contest for Fado singers in Portugal.

In 2010 Liana was invited to interpret the role of Amália, the Portuguese Diva of Fado, in the most viewed show ever in Portugal: Amália – O Músical.

With vast experience of concerts worldwide, and artistic prizes in Portugal, Germany, UK, and Denmark, she was also invited to lecture Fado at the University of Cork in  Ireland.

Want to know more about Liana, click here.


Where is it

Museu do Fado

Largo do Chafariz de Dentro 1

1100-139 Lisboa



sing fado


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