Sing Fado International

Sing Fado can easily travel abroad
and is suitable for all the expectations of your event

Packet A ➙1 hour

➛ General Audience Worldwide
Ideal for:
Festivals (eg. previous to a concert), Theatre Programming, Cultural Weeks, Private Events… 

What’s in it:
– History of Fado with subtitled audiovisual
– Teaching 1 traditional Fado with poem in Portuguese language
– Liana’s showcase with musicians  (4 fados)
(or followed by a full concert by Liana)

Contact for further information

Packet B ➙ 2 days to 5 days

➛Music Students Worldwide (Singers, Musicians or Aspirants)
(Ideal to Festivals, Folk Schools, Conservatories, Academies…)

What’s in it:
– History of Fado with subtitled audiovisual
– Teaching and Practice of Singing Fado (2 to 3 fados)
– Improvisation exercices
– Possibility of a final presentation of students if conditions are met
​- ​This workshop can also be combined with a concert by Liana

Contact for further information

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